Dear Deanndra Inc.

Deanndra Roach, sister of President, Davida Roach was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend at the young age of 18. Domestic Violence is a serious and silent killer and there is a strong need to spread awareness.

Fact: South Carolina is #5 in the county in domestic violence rates and one out of four women have experienced this epidemic.

Founded in May 2018, Dear Deanndra Inc. is a empowering non-profit organization with a passionate commitment to women empowerment. Its purpose is to uplift women in the community who are facing domestic violence. The organization works to provide beauty services and host uplifting events through the Hair Bakery Boutique LLC., also owned and operated by Davida Roach.

Today, Dear Deanndra aims to reach hundreds of women to make them feel and look beautiful. Self confidence is the #1 source of being empowered.

We remind our women of Proverb 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future".

Aubrey + Paul